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New Roofing Underlayment Products from RKW US
Speeds Installation and Saves Energy Costs

Rome, GA - Feb. 9, 2011 -- RKW US will introduce two new products -- Aptra Elements™ and RoofTopGuard Craftsman™ -- at the International Roofing Exposition, Feb. 14-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

The products will further differentiate the company’s strength in the roofing underlayment and construction industries. “These products are designed to advance our roofing and construction business in a way that our customers want most,” said Morris Collins, president of RKW US Inc.

“We see a new era of opportunity to provide greater value to our customers by expanding our cornerstone products: Aptra® UV8 film and RoofTopGuard II™ underlayment. Aptra Elements™ and RoofTopGuard Craftsman™ will better address the need for energy savings and installation speed in the new world of construction. Only RKW has the intellectual property, global relationships and might to launch these products.”

Aptra Elements™ is a metallic, highly reflective roof underlayment that reduces home and building energy costs. The second product, RoofTopGuard Craftsman™ roof underlayment, is based on RKW’s premier RoofTopGuard II™ technology but weighs 40 percent less, and installs faster and easier than #30 lb. felt paper.

Aptra Elements™ keeps the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The advanced material maintains strength and flexibility without the metal surface rub-off or oxidation. Breathable, waterproof and durable, the engineering breakthrough is available in various weights for wall and other roofing components.

Aptra Elements™ uses technology based on Aptra® UV8 microporous film and science from confidential European and US partners. Product characteristics include a surface reflectivity of 0.97% and emissivity of 0.03% bonded with light-weight, UV-stabilized, non-abrasive, water-resistance and mold-barrier properties of Aptra® UV8 film.

Testing for trade and code associations’ certification is under review. Aptra Elements™ is available only through RKW US, Inc., its manufacturing partners and select distributors.

RKW’s new RoofTopGuard Craftsman™ underlayment offers waterproof secure protection and durable strength with economical pricing for temperate climates where premium high-wind protection is not required. RoofTopGuard Craftsman™ is made of reflective grey, nonwoven-coated spunbond polypropylene and applies 30-percent faster compared to traditional asphalt felt.

RoofTopGuard Craftsman™ covers a 1,200-square-foot house in one or two light-weight rolls compared to 30-pound felt paper that could require five or more rolls to cover the same house. Each roll of RoofTopGuard Craftsman™ covers 1,000 square feet or nominal 10 squares per roll; compared to 30 pound felt paper that covers 200 square feet or two squares per roll.

Economical pricing, fewer and lighter weight rolls mean value, less waste and faster installation for the roofer with quality performance for the home owner. RoofTopGuard Craftsman™ provides excellent slip resistance, is not affected by humidity or rot and lays flat without wrinkling or buckling when mechanically fastened to the roof deck.

RoofTopGuard-Craftsman™ is available in Canada through select distributors and agents. Private labeling is available. All RoofTopGuard Craftsman™ components and manufacturing facilities have achieved ISO 9001:2000 registration from the Quality Management Institute to meet specific quality program standards.

RKW US, Inc. is a subsidiary of RKW SE, a leading supplier of films for the construction, industrial, packaging and medical markets; for information contact:;; or .


Aptra® is a registered trademark of RKW SE and RKW US, Inc.

Published 9.2.2011


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